We developed personalized treatment approaches for individulaized cancer therapy, termed as ONCOTHERA.


A major challenge faced by immune therapies for cancer has been that, unlike in a healthy patient with an infectious disease, in cancer patients the dendritic cells fail to do their job, and the other immune agents also fail to do their job. Our concerns itself is the further development of precision oncology treatment. Since tumors are as individual as a fingerprint, cancer treatment can only be successful it takes this individuality into account. Using highly innovative procedures, we determine a patient’s molecular fingerprint. Pan-genomic gene activity analysis, next-generation mutation analysis, and many other procedures are the technologies necessary to personalize treatment.

The standard cytotoxic chemotherapy has long since been overtaken by the intelligent, personalized targeted therapies that are now at the heart of scientific inquiry.

Modern, molecular-genetic technologies are the basis that allows identifying individual treatment targets. The recent development in cancer vaccines has also raised high expectations and hopes.

In ONCOTHERA I, by analyzing the entire human genome, a tumor’s individual mutations and alterations can be determined. This then allows creating absolutely personal immune therapy and vaccinations which are as individual as a fingerprint. These new therapeutic options will significantly change the treatment of tumor diseases.


Development of effective immune therapies for cancer has long been a goal of the medical and scientific communities. The human immune system is very powerful, and also very complex.

In ONCOTHERA II, immune cells are taken by simple blood withdrawal and immune cells are cultivated outside the body. Tumor specific molecules are presented to these cultivated immune cells and the cells are “educated” against tumor. The cells will return to the patient.  

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