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Male infertility accounts for nearly half of all fertility problems and in many of those cases the problem behind it is not obvious.


FERTILITYASSAY  MALE is for men who are concerned about their own fertility - both those who have already been diagnosed as being infertile or having a very low sperm count and those who are worried for some other reason such as recent illness.


Sperm production is a six stage process in which male cells pass through various steps to finally produce sperm; the test measures and analyses each step of the process.


FERTILITYASSAY MALE Identifies the cause of infertility where it is due to a failure in the sperm production process, so helping you to identify your options for having a child.


By identifying the specific problem stage in sperm production,FERTILITYASSAY  MALE may enable men to be reassured about their own fertility or, for those diagnosed as infertile, may enable their clinicians to offer them an appropriate treatment and help them to identify options for having a child.


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