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For Patients


It is the precise diagnosis that determines the most effective treatment. Treatment must be specifically tailored to the specific type of disease as well as to the individual patient.


Our team of experts will support your treating physicians to find answer for following questions:


  • am I on risk for serious diseases like cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases?
  • how can I prevent serious diseases?
  • how accurate is diagnosis of my disease?
  • which treatment is the best option for me?
  • was my treatment successful?
  • what is about the recurrence of my disease?


We will manage to determine the best personalized strategy for your clinical case and guiding you in choosing the most appropriate options for your needs. We support your treating physician  to determine the right options for patients suffering from medical conditions.

For Physicians 


In recent years, dramatic advances in molecular biology, genomics, and related technologies have resulted in greater understanding of the mechanisms of disease at the molecular level. It is now possible not only to identify the genetic and molecular variations in each patient's  cells, but to apply the results from the molecular profile, in some circumstances, to select treatment strategies that target the molecular underpinnings of the specific disease in each patient.


We can support physicians:


  • to make a precise diagnosis of desired disease
  • to determine the right drug for individual patients suffering from medical conditions
  • to choose appropriate personalized therapy
  • to provide you professional clinical trainings in the field of molecular or cellular medicine
  • to forward specific patient to your praxis




For Hospitals


Modern Hospitals are equipped with a department for molecular  medicine and cell therapy which enables those hospitals to provide patients earlier and precise diagnosis of human diseases and effective targeted and cell- based therapy. These departments are supporting the existing conventional departments,  contribute to a more effective service providing for patients and finally to improvement of hospital's business.


P7medicine is proud to support your hospitals:


  • to establish clinical departments for
  • molecular medicine
  • genetics
  • cell therapy
  • Personalized Medicine
  • assisted reproductive reproduction





For Academic Institution


Although  biological research and education institutions represents traditional and interdisciplinary fields of biology, the department's growth and development in recent years also reflects the revolution occurring in biology that benefits from new genome-wide approaches, powerful new molecular and cellular technologies, and cross-fertilization of discoveries in modern biology and other science and engineering disciplines.


We are proud to support your institution in the field of personalized and precision medicine to:


  • establish a new educational program
  • manage advanced research projects
  • establish laboratories equipped with modern technologies
  • manage international collaborations
  • organize a professional theoretical or practical courses or international congress




For Students


You are students at MSc, PhD or post-doc fellows and are interested to:


  • extend your knowledge in the field of advanced molecular and cellular medicine in form of training courses
  • be supervised during your thesis
  • work practically in the field of precision medicine or cell therapy
  • start a joint research project




For Laboratories


P7medicine is aiming at bridging the gap between research and clinical medicine by remaining focused on leading the implementation of advanced technologies and practices into molecular diagnostic testing and accelerating the adoption of new molecular tests into clinical care.

Through this work, P7medicine is taking the promise of personalized medicine from the lab and into the clinic. 


Our team of experts will support you to:


  • establish a laboratory for molecular & personalized medicine
  • develop new diagnostic assay
  • market your specific assays
  • orward your patients for advanced diagnostic testing and therapeutic options
  • establish advanced molecular technologies at your laboratory




For Companies


Research shows a profound analysis for the market growth with potential promising prospects in the industry.  This will help with cost savings, patient compliance and drug safety.  With early detection of diseases and more available therapies the global personalized medicine market will see amazing growth rates in upcoming years. Famous pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer , Bayer and Roche have launched a unit for personalized medicine.

We can support you to:


  • educate your staff about personalized medicine
  • set up a laboratory for personalized medicine
  • set up a laboratory for stem cell-based drug screening
  • develop personalized drugs





Personalized Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Technologies

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